2015 Sponsors

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Robert D. Kent, Jr. Chartitable Trust Fund

———————- STEWARD ———————-
Big Door Network
Paul & Terrell Dougan
In Honor of Donald M. (Huck) Hogle
J&J Technical Solutions
Kip Slaugh Group
Wells Fargo

———————- DISCOVERY ———————-
African Heartwood Project
Grant Thornton
Salt Lake Magazine
Service Systems Associates
Voodoo Productions

———————- SUSTAINER VIP HOSTS ———————-
Patrick Hogle
Kellerstrass Oil Company
Les Olsen
Marianne Moyle
Northern Wine and Spirits
Schultz & Williams
Snow Basin Resorts
Tetris Group
Trudy Simmons

———————- SUSTAINER HOSTS———————- 
Diamond Rental
George Q. Morris Foundation
Harman’s Corp
Prince, Yeates & Geldzahler
Smith’s Food and Drug
Stellar Design
The CTW Heights Residence Inn Marriott
The Steel Belts
Uinta Brewing Co
Joe Viland
Lynnie & Bert Zimmerli

———————- MEMBER HOSTS———————-
Steve Barth
Deb Boede
Carstar West Valley
CCI Mechanical
Circle the Wagons
Cottonwood Builders
Brandon Evans
John & Joan Firmage
Blake O. Fisher
Jay Gamble
Kent Hardcastle
Stephanie and Tim Harpst
Lesley Manley
Norma Matheson
Molly McCarthey
Ralph Mayerstein
Patty Miller
Thomas Neilson
Bill Oakley
Kate Reddy
Steve Robertson &
Christine Morris
Judy A. Rohner
Jerry & Tammy Sloan
The Dog Lodge (x3)
Uintah Consulting
Bill Williams
Lauryn Wingate
Carly Winslow

———————- SPECIAL THANKS———————-
Aspen Press Team
Bailey Bingham
Changing Faces
City Weekly
Darrell Driver
Ford Street Team
Lee Gerber
Kim Hir
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Mike (Mossy) Mosteller
Mountain Express Mag
Oracle Volunteers
Questar Volunteers
Rio Management Volunteers
Bryan Romero
Service Systems Associates Staff
Shutter Booth
Dan Smith
Snow Basin Bar Team
Starbucks Volunteers
Vince Stinson
Utah’s Hogle Zoo Staff and Volunteers
V Chocolates
VPS – Valet Parking Services
Photographers -Jameson Weston, Jared Bodily, Nathan Krishnan
Videographer -Matt Bates




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